Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everything is new

New year. New resolutions. New classes. New shop. New phone. New roles. New habits. New routines. New you? 
Well, no... not really. Still staying up too late, still doing more than I ought to, still playing cathcup on homework, bills, skipped classes, and family... ouch, I listed family last... (Save the best for last? - nope. Sorry, not buying it.

Still, I'm bright and cheery for the best of whats around for me.

Top List
  • New phone - Droid X. My first smart phone ever and I love it!... I'm 50 times more effective using my connected google calendar! Really - believe me - AND professor Burton would be so proud of me by how connected I have become.
  • New resolution - gave up sweets/sugar... not really happy about this, but I consider it a personal scientific experiment. So far results show me as more cranky.
  • New clothes - eh... maybe they'd look better if I hadn't picked up 15 pounds over the holiday. the weight is new too, though.
  • New career improvements - currently cast in two great shows and a short commercial spot as a zombie! 
  • New business. Well it's not new, but the location is sort of new and the new year is seeing some real improvements... Red Deli. Check it out: Reddeli.com 
  • New connection - to God... really trying to let the big guy drive for a while... My backseat driving skills are pretty good anyway - ask my wife.

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